Mountaineers-Mud-Bog-2013-0033The 27th Annual Mountaineers Mud Bog saw 125 entries in 6 classes. Competition was intense with some very fast rigs showing up from across the state and Wyoming & Idaho as well.

The Mountaineers ran with a 160 foot pit this year instead of their usual 120 foot pit. This combined with great mud led to some crowd pleasing runs.


Mountaineers-Mud-Bog-2013-2300Varian French won the 44 & Under class with his 1976 Ford F-250, Jay Oster took second in his 1983 Chevy Stepside, and Tim Kleppen took third in his 1979 Ford Bronco.

Ed Ruckdaschel took first in the 44 & Up class with his 1985 Ford Ranger, Travis Maxwell took second in his 1971 Ford Bronco, and Donnie Maxwell took third in his Cummins Powered 1976 Ford F-350.

In the Open Tire Class Varian French took first with his 1976 Ford F-250, Larry Trettenbach in second with his 1958 Ford F-100, and Ed Ruckdaschel in third with his Ranger.

Larry Trettenbach took first in the X Class with his 1958 F-100, Brian Galvin with second in his M-51 Dump Truck, and Donnie Maxwell in third with his Fummins.


Donnie Maxwell on KBZK 7 NewsKBZK 7 Newstation also got some great video coverage of the event which you can view at Mountaineers coverage starts at about 2:28 into the video.