1st Annual Mountaineers Mud Drags

The Bozeman Mountaineers held their first annual Mud Drags this weekend. They had a great showing for the first time around and a good time was had by all. This event is sure to be a hit next year.

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27th Annual Mountaineers Mud Bog

Mountaineers-Mud-Bog-2013-0033The 27th Annual Mountaineers Mud Bog saw 125 entries in 6 classes. Competition was intense with some very fast rigs showing up from across the state and Wyoming & Idaho as well.

The Mountaineers ran with a 160 foot pit this year instead of their usual 120 foot pit. This combined with great mud led to some crowd pleasing runs.

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3rd Annual Mountaineers Truck Pulls

Diesel smoke, dust, and rain could describe the day pretty well. The Bozeman Mountaineers 3rd Annual Truck Pull saw competitors from all over the state. About the middle of the a large storm rolled through causing a three-hour delay. After the rain quit blue skies appeared again and the Mountaineers scraped the pulling lane off and got the event rolling again.

Continue reading for photos and videos.

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MORE Racing June 2013

Great weather and bigger jumps made for a great start to the racing season at the MORE track in Billings. There were 3 side-by-side racers and 10 truck. Times will be posted soon!

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3rd Annual Mountaineers Hill and Hole

The 3rd annual Mountaineers Hill & Hole was full of big air and flying mud! There were over 60 entries and so many spectators that for many in the crowd it was standing room only.

Congratulations to the day’s winners. Mike Jongeling took the stock class with his ’68 Ford Bronco, Justin Uiterdyk won the street class in his propane fueled 1979 Toyota Pickup, and Donnie Maxwell won both the modified and race classes in his Cummins powered 1975 Ford F-350.

Continue reading for video, photos, and a full list of driver times.

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MORE Racing October 2012

Last Race of the Season

The drivers put on a great show for this last race of the 2012 season. Mike Jongeling broke the track record with a lap time of 1:27.403. The previous record was held by Dave Christofferson with a lap time of 1:27.628.

Driver Fastest Laps

Stock Class

  • Wes Nelson, 1:37.806
  • Randy Smith, 1:35.220
  • Macen Barmore, 1:39.244
  • Shane Jongeling, 1:47.379
  • Flip Fleming, 2:06.863
  • Alexa DeVriese, 1:46.854
  • Joe Sitzman, 1:44.010
  • Josh Miller, 2:06.994

Mod Class

  • Blaire Howze, 1:39.909
  • James Hurless, 1:37.544
  • Mike Nunn, 1:34.167
  • PJ Granot, 1:41.135

Pro Class

  • Mike Jongeling, 1:27.403
  • David Gould, 1:39.388
  • Adam Smith, 1:38.215

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Mountaineers Truck Pull 2012

The 2nd annual Mountaineers Truck Pull was a success. There were over 50 entries and the stands were packed.

The day was full of turbo whine, spraying dirt, and a diesel cloud big enough to make a Prius cry!

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Dillon Mud Bog 2012

Although it was a small show, the competitors in the Dillon CFWDA Mud Bog put on a great show!

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Mountaineers Mud Bog 2012

With over 100 entries, the Mountaineers put on a great show at the Gallatin County Fair. The day was hot, but the audience got the opportunity to cool down with a tug-a-war match over the mud pit!

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MORE Racing June 2012

Brand new track and first race of the season

Montana Off Road Extreme Racing kicked of the season with a bang! Actually, quite literally as only two of ten competitors finished the final race.

Although the day seemed to be plagued with breakdowns, that just meant that the competitors were racing that much harder. The action was intense and the crowd enjoyed a great show!

Driver Fastest Laps

Stock Class

  • Luke Holstrue, 135.347
  • Joe Sitzman, 142.099
  • Jason Palmer, 152.005
  • Chandra LaMirande, 152.662

Mod Class

  • Blaire Howze, 136.861
  • PJ Granot, 150.006

Pro Class

  • ¬†Dave Christopherson, 128.517
  • Mike Jongeling, 134.718
  • David Gould, 139.797
  • Adam Smith, 149.414

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